the pilot post (welcome)

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Writing the first post on a blog is always an exciting experience for me, and this blog is something very special to me - it's the first travel blog I've ever started, and it's the first that will primarily follow my husband Tyler and mine's various trips, travels, and wanderings.

If you're landing here from The Goodness Revolt (hey!) you're already familiar with my writing and how much I adore to write about travel when I'm not writing a novel. The truth is, I was raised by two gypsy-souls and traveling is very much in my blood. Tyler loves to travel himself, and has done quite a bit within the military, so when we got married traveling the world seemed like the next logical step for us, and we were super eager to take it.

I like to think of this blog as a bit of a companion to my primary author blog The Goodness Revolt, where I post as frequently as I can about my books, bits of fiction, faith, thoughts, poetry, and travel. But the more Tyler and I travel, the more I began to long for a little more space to facilitate the bucket loads of wanderlust and photos and scribbles about trips and advice/food for thought for adventurers. 

Beyond this, you'll find a generous sprinkling of writing, advice, lessons learned, ect. geared towards milso's/military spouses. Regardless of branch or situation, being a military couple obviously has a pretty big impact on life. It can be tough at times but also very rewarding and full of character-building experiences. Since the day Tyler and I met, the military has had a role in our lives; we dated through a deployment, and have spent quite a bit of time apart since being married while he is away for drills, training, school, etc. 

Though being away from someone you love so much is never easy, this life has made us each stronger as individuals and as a couple. Through the long weeks and months, God has taught us both so much, and we've only grown closer to each other and Him because of it. I can confidently say that this life is every bit as much of an adventure as hitting the road. More so. 

So there's a bit of the flavor you can expect from this new chapter, An Adventure Called Us. I hope you'll stick around a while. 

stay stoked,