Williamsburg, VA

a day in williamsburg

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Williamsburg Virginia was completely spontaneous; full of sunlight and long days. 

Williamsburg has long been a childhood favorite of mine; i've always been a history buff, and my parents fostered this hardcore. it was Tyler's first time, and it was awesome to see a place i love so much through new eyes. it was walking until our feet were sore. it was chocolate and coffee and tours and long tours and long drives. it was late dinners at cafes and drinking in the sights like sweet lemonade.

We walked the cobblestone streets lined with restored and preserved pubs and shops, printing presses and forges, homes and coffee shops. We toured the governor's palace and lost ourselves in the twisting, twirling gardens, bathed in the warm yellow pastels of the late afternoon sky. The sound of tin whistles filled the air, and an occasional shot pierced through the still stretches of Virginia birches.

Williamsburg is pure magic; filled with uncanny beauty and history, it has long held a beguiling charm for me. If you're a military member or dependent, you receive free day pass admission. They've also recently opened a lounge facility within the historical section for military members/families, which was really nice. Just a short drive (maybe 40 mins) from where we stayed by the base in Norfolk, I cannot recommend seeing Williamsburg enough if you find yourself in the area.

If you do nothing else in Williamsburg, walk the streets and enjoy the views, tour the palace and the capital, and by all means try a pretzel roll + ginger cake. You won't regret doing ANY of those. If you get the chance to go in spring, do it: the blooms are breathtaking.

OKAY YOUR TURN: What's your top favorite American historical site?? Tell me all about it in the comments below so I can add it to my list of places I want to visit! Happy Saturday, friend!

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  1. These are just the loveliest photos, oh my goodness. I've never been to Williamsburg; the only time I've been in Virginia was driving through on our way to New York a couple of years ago. I'd love to visit some day.

    Favorite historical sites....hmm...idk, I hear SC has some pretty great destinations. You should totally give them a shot. ;)

  2. Kate, these pictures are stunning. They're so beautifully composed!!!!

    I love going to all the little pockets of Indian life that is being preserved in the Northwest WA area (which is great since it's close to where I live).