every little moment

Friday, October 19, 2018

I''ve always loved to refer to travel as an investment because it is. no, it's not something that yields a tangible 'return' per-say, and yet i've found few things that equal the value it seems to add to life. and yet, the places themselves and the distance traveled really has nothing to do with it.

there's an old saying 'you never know what you have until it's gone', but i think it's safe to say that you quickly realize what you have with someone when you find yourselves apart often or for long periods of time (or both).

a military or long distance relationship can actually act as a lens through which you can see yourself and your spouse with greater clarity: they mean so much. everything means so much.

every. little. thing.

it's not the places we go, or the distances we traverse, it's about the people we share it with. it's not about the destinations as much as it is about the every day exploration and adventure, whether that's going to Paris or to the local farmers market.

it's about the moments you spend with someone who feels like your whole world.

being apart is tough, but the tough things make us tough; and they make us see things, really see them.

the little things we so often miss, the moments we don't slow ourselves down enough to appreciate. the late night drives, blasting music, laughing til we cry, swimming in crystal lakes full of mountain water, eating gelato, getting lost in the countryside, rewriting the maps and leaving our footprints like mementos on the lonely beaches.

every little moment,
every little day,
every little thing 

is another adventure

and some days i can hardly bear the wonder of it all.